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    iSetup Question


      Are there many customers that use iSetup and do you like it?

      We are on r12 (for over a year) and we haven't used iSetup but may start to.  Is it worth it?

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          My experience has been horrible. I think this concept is brilliant, create all the setups in a non-production environment and then press a few buttons and move your setups from DEV to UAT and finally Production. But the execution by Oracle is another story.


          I've been trying to transfer HR and Employee data for over 2 months and the Support staff has been little help. Sometime I feel like we are the first to attempt, well, everything about iSetup in r12 for HR data.


          Today (8/4/14) we were supposed to be in CRP, we missed that date! The employee load process loads some data and not other and calls it a warning. As we spot check the transfer we find that a high percent of the employees transferred are not in the same state as the source system (Terminations, assignment changes, rehires, eta, all missing). Very unreliable!  And the employee transfer does not transfer salary data with the employee.


          The module has something called Transformation, but Oracle Development left this section incomplete. I can transform the values of the business group for payroll elements but nothing else. By the way transformation is just fancy process to replace values in the extract file before you lod the data to the target instance.


          My favorite situation during this process has to be when an Oracle support resource said I needed to contact Oracle Consulting because I wanted to modify an XML data file produced by the process,  to change a value I needed manually, there was nothing wrong with the change I made but Oracle XML files are saved in ASNI text encoding even though the XML header specifies UTF-8. And it gives you the most cryptic error messages. I found a note on Google and save thousands.


          Just be prepared to put in considerably more effort than advertised about this module if you are using it for HR, not sure how much effort Oracle put into the other areas.


          Good luck.

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            Can only agree with the above comments, the end-user experience of the module itself isn't too bad and it is pretty easy to run an extract and then load this into a different environment.  However, the frustration comes when the extracts or loads fail, which WILL happen.  Some issues are easy to resolve, some are a bit more cryptic.  The log files don't help either as they can easily run into 150MB making it difficult to open the files, for some reason.


            We've had nothing but bad experience with Oracle Support on the product too, their first line support for iSetup almost seems non-existant. The best response I had to an issue from Oracle was that iSetup was only designed to migrate seeded data, and that's why you are having issues migrating the new value set values you have added!!!

            There also seems to be a bit of a stand off between the iSetup team and the module areas which own the API's that iSetup uses.


            My advice would be to use the Selection Set templates that Oracle have provided as they have the sequencing etc. built in and make sure you have an Oracle Apps DBA or someone who understands the underlying tables on hand to help assist with the cryptic issues provided in the log files.


            Some plus points: -

            Some extracts will fail due to incorrect setup - iSetup identified orphan profile option values, orphan menu and function exclusions which shouldn't have been there. They weren't causing any problems but we removed these records anyway.


            There's no doubt that if you can get the migrations to work, then it will speed up the migration of config drastically.


            A few of the issues we have found: -


            Doesn't support MOAC for Business Groups - there's an issue with a seeded DFF Value Set which should really check the cross business group profile for the user/resp runinng in the load.


            Steer clear of payroll as there are a lot of issues, some documented in MOS, some not e.g. carriage returns are removed from formulas and are migrated as one line which causes verification issues.


            The FNDLOAD based migrations don't support things like CUSTOM_MODE=FORCE - due to be fixed in an upcomign enhancement to be fair.


            Good luck!