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    Create a global Outline/Hierarchy and use this outline for several cubes





      Is it possible to share a hierarchy of a cube?

      If a member will be created/moved or deleted in "cube A", a member in "cube B" should also be created/moved or deleted.

      This would  reduce the administration costs significantly.



      Furthermore I'm not sure which is the best method to transfer data from one cube to another cube.

      Currenly, we use reportscripts to export and rulefiles to import data. Is there a better/easier method to do this?

      Maybe Essbase has a Import/Export-Tool?




      Is it possible to compare specific data between two cubes via maxL?


      "Cube A" -  "ProductA", "2014", "July", "NorthAmerica",  (data: 120)


      compare with

      "Cube B" -  "ProductX", "2014", "July", "NorthAmerica",  (data: 60)

      "Cube B" -  "ProductY", "2014", "July", "NorthAmerica",  (data: 60)



      If 120 (from cube A) is not equal 60 and 60 from cube B inform us.




      thanks in advance