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    OAS 10.1.3 preview - Unable to launch em

    Sheshi Sankineni-Oracle
      After installing OAS 10.1.3 preview, I am unable to launch em. I am getting the following error

      404 Not Found
      Resource /em not found on this server

      Surprising thing is when I try to launch the em console using 7200 port, I am able to get the console page. Provided I give localhost as my host name.


      Looks like its a bug.

      This is what my install/readme.txt says

      The installation of Oracle Application Server 10g was successful.

      To access the Oracle HTTP Server:


      To access Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control:


      Installation Details:

      Installation Directory: E:\OracleAS
      Installation Type: Integrated Web Server, J2EE Server, and Process Management
      Instance Name: oas012406Inst.<hostname>
      Administrator Username: oc4jadmin

      Online documentation for Oracle Application Server is available at:
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          I agree with you and it seems a bug.

          I had the same problem and it worked using the following URL:


          Thank you so much!! :)
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            Steve Button-Oracle
            Hi --

            You can find the HTTP port allocated to the Oracle HTTP Server by using the opmnctl utility.

            Try this:

            $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl status -l

            This should spit out a table showing all the managed processes and also the ports they are currently asssigned.

            Look for the HTTP_Server entry and the corresponding HTTP port it is using, then use that as the server:port entry to access EM.

            Typically on Windows we default to port 80 and on the *nixes we default to 7777.  If those ports are not available at install time then the installer will increment the value sequentially until if finds a free port.