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    Informatica workflow name and DAC

    Sherry George

      Hey everyone,


      I came across a link ( : Creating Custom Informatica Workflows) that suggested naming Informatica workflow same as the mapping name. The exact statement is given below.


      "The workflow name should match a session name that is used inside the workflow. This helps the DAC to collect certain statistics."


      I would like to know what are these "certain DAC statistics" mentioned in the statement above? And is there any issues if I have different names for the session task and the workflow if I am running the workflow using DAC ?




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          Ahsan Shah

          First of all.why are you looking at a manual from 2008 for version 7.8.x...I presume you are NOT on such an old release.


          Second, it is best practice to have the DAC Task name = Workflow Name...and this will have a FULL and a INCREMENTAL "Session" associated with it. As far as statistics, the DAC collects run time stats.  It will show you how long each task took.  By naming the DAC tasks properly, you can clearly see what INFA tasks it corresponds to. 


          Mark correct/helpful if it helps

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            Sherry George

            Thanks you Shah for your thoughts. But I was not talking about naming the DAC tasks same as workflows, but why workflows need to be named same as that of the mapping? And yes I am on a newer release( OBIA but still I would like to know if my question is still valid for the new release (DAC version is: Dac Build AN and if so what are these statistics the document is talking about.

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              Ahsan Shah

              The statistics refer to the BI management pack...here are a few blogs on it from Rittman Mead





              I presume these stats rely on the linkage and naming conventions..though there is no detail on how this is connected.  Either way, out of curiousity..why is this question relevant?  Do you have a requirement to name the WFs in a specific way?  If you are not concerned about the stats in the management pack, then you can probably name the WFs as you want.  Naming the WF and Sessions in a consistent way is a best practice regardless to stats bc it can easily show a relationship between mappings, sessions, WFs and DAC tasks. 

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                Sherry George

                Thank you. I will go through the contents in those links. And about naming standards, we were looking at setting up a" standards" document and most of the documents available in the web including some documents from Informatica suggested naming mappings with a prefix 'm_' and workflows with a prefix 'wf_' , and  I have seen devs doing like that and I myself has done so in the past. But when I came across that link which I posted in my original question, I was a little uncertain about these naming conventions.

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                  Sherry George



                  Just an FYI.. I asked this question to Oracle support and they gave the below answer.


                  "The DAC environment does not show statistics for all tasks, especially custom workflows. If custom built sessions do not all have the same name as their corresponding workflow you will see something like the following in your the Log file.



                    "Could not get statistics for workflow using command :pmcmd getsessionstatistics -u Administrator -p **** -s zirkoon:5011 -f RB_SA_FS_SIL -w RB_wf_SIL_OpportunityFact_Full RB_wf_SIL_OpportunityFact_Full"


                    It's common for workflows to have multiple steps, which means DAC cannot even ensure the session and workflow name are the same or match.  Part of these statistics is the command being ran to the DB as well as the correct amount of records being loaded and the run time.


                  In the DAC client the run information for a workflow (start/end/elapsed time and amount of records updated/inserted) is shown.


                  Currently it only work if the session name matches the workflow name when DAC ask for session statistics with the workflow name. If the session name does not exist under that workflow, Informatica should throw error messages, as the example shows."

                  Thanks for the help.