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    Custom Project Properties and Rulebase Modules

    Daniel Hager

      I have a rulebase and a module, lets call them Main and Child.  I am trying to define custom project level properties on the Main rulebase, but once the module is included , the custom properties are no long available to the engine API.  I have tried every combination of defining them.. on the module, on the consumer, on both, etc. Nothing.  Whats even more frustrating is that when I crack open the ZIP file and the .rmod, I can see the definitions right there in the XML!!


      All other custom properties are cool.. entity, relationship, attribute... only the project level ones....


      Why does this not work? Is there a way to pull this off?

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          This definitely seems to be a bug. It looks as though custom properties cannot be used when you are including modules.


          What were you trying to do with the custom property? There is probably a simple work around by defining a global text attribute with the value you wanted to put in the custom property.


          In the meantime, I will raise this as a bug




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            Daniel Hager

            So just to be clear, they DO work perfectly for everything other than the project level.  I noticed that you cannot define Entity or relationship level if the module defines them, so that is no big deal, and the attributes work so that cool.


            Anyway, thanks for letting me know that I am not crazy  


            The solution you gave is actually what I did at first, but I found another way to accomplish what I needed.  Definitely log the issue though as project level properties can be a powerful integration tool!