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    Oracle human task multi instance support


      Hi Experts,


      Could you please suggest a design approach for a scenario


      1. we have requirement where multiple users need to work on a task, but each should have their own copy of the task. i.e. life cycle of the task is separate for each user

      2. the payload and the outcomes of the task are same for each instance

      3. task can be completed by the user or it should be completed automatically based on event.


      Based on the above I have below questions:

      1. Can human task be used to model these kind of multi instance/user scenario. If yes, would there be a performance impact on the system

      2. If human task can not be used, any insights on we can achieve


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          If this is done using Oracle BPM, and the number of copies is always the same you might want to consider using a parallel gateway.


          If the number of copies changes, then instead consider instead using a multi-instance subprocess.  For that you'd pass the collection as an array into the embedded subprocess activity and set its property to parallel.



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            Hi Daniel,


            thank you. I have managed to create multiple instances of the human task which are assigned to different user/groups using the sub process and parallel multi-instance subprocess


            I have one more requirement where I have to customize the state model of the human task.

            Instead of the default human task status Assigned, Expired etc... I would need New, Read, Closed, Completed etc.. Could you please suggest the approach