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    OBIA 11 Finance & HR




      Is there any document explaining granularity & functional processes & loading strategies  for OBIA 11 Finance & HR modules.


      I found one only for HR not for finance.

      Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Implementing Human Resources Analytics with Oracle E-Business Suites Adaptors [ID 1326766.1]. but this seems for OBIA



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          Ahsan Shah

          I dont believe there is a doc for Finance like that.  It would be great if there was.


          However, you can check the Granularity of key Facts via the DMR (data model reference) guide.  Also the integration id can also help understand the grain.


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            I am already checking it via intergration_id but it's a time consuming process so expect similar docs from Oracle for all OBIA modules. Hope someone will forward this request to the Oracle Development team