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    Siebel Marketing - scheduling a Campaign


      I am trying to schedule a Campaign (simple, not repetitive)... I can choose the Campaign and in the Calendar view, create / schedule the activity for Loading the Campaign.

      Schedule is created, and I can see in Campaign > System Tasks the task as pending...

      When time schedule is hit... taks is initiated.. .so far so good.

      Unfortunately it fails when trying to Update Schedule Activity (step in the Campaign Load WF).

      Msg just says it cannot update the activity....


      I am wondering if someone could help. telling me what it is trying to update... The Status field ? with which value ?  Any other specified field ?

      It may well be some customization made... but unfortunatelly msg is not clear enough to help.


      So if someone uses a campaign or program scheduling.. .could tell me what happens with the activity after the schedule time is hit... or in other words after task is executed.