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    ipmp standby interface




      I have a  probe based ipmp configured on the server running Solaris 10. I  notice that there is traffic flowing  from the standby interface . I was of teh impression that standby interface  is not used to route active traffic

      Particularly all the multicast requests to (  seem to be  going through the standby  interface  Want to know from experts if this is  normal behaviour


      Appreciate any inputs on this



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          Wcichy -Oracle



          Standby IPMP interface if this is a probe-based (so marked as DEPRECATED, NOFAILOVER) should pass only ICMP Echo packets, so the probing.


          The multicast IP seems to be some kind of cluster handshake.


          Can you share the output of # ifconfig -a, # netstat -gn and confirm that there is nothing else visible except the




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            There seems to other traffic also going through this interface

            There are  requests  like  following apart from the ICMP probe

            ...NBT NS Query Request for PHLDOMC00[20], Succes.......

            .....(broadcast)  ARP C Who is........

            ........->   UDP D=45566 S=56404 LEN=162...........


            Below is the output of ifconfig and netstat


            vnet0: flags=1000843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4> mtu 1500 index 2

                    inet netmask fffffe00 broadcast

                    groupname main

                    ether 0:14:4f:fa:36:3b

            vnet0:1: flags=9040843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST,DEPRECATED,IPv4,NOFAILOVER> mtu 1500 index 2

                    inet netmask fffffe00 broadcast


                    inet netmask fffffe00 broadcast

                    groupname main



            Group Memberships: IPv4

            Interface Group                RefCnt

            --------- -------------------- ------

            lo0               17

            lo0                 1

            vnet0                 1

            vnet0:1               17

            vnet0:1                 1

            vnet1               16

            vnet1               17

            vnet1               1

            vnet1                 1

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              Wcichy -Oracle



              Well, the most important thing is to determine if the traffic is inbound or outbound. Inbound traffic can happen, as you cannot block other machines to send broadcast or multicast frames over the wire, snoop will see that.

              Outbound traffic can also happen - ICMP probes, but any other possibility to have outbound traffic on DEPRECATED, NOFAILOVER, STANDBY and INACTIVE interface is to have an application(s) directly bound to that interface/IP address.


              Can you confirm if the visible traffic is inbound or outbound?




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                The  multicast  requests are both inbound and outbound . The below snoop output is from from ap01-prd but  the multicast packets seem to be routing  from  the standby interface in all these servers (ipmptest02)


                -bash-3.00# snoop -P -d vnet0 |grep

                Using device vnet0 (non promiscuous)


                -bash-3.00# snoop -P -d vnet1 |grep

                Using device vnet1 (non promiscuous)

                ap01-prd-ipmptest02 ->   UDP D=45566 S=54551 LEN=169

                ap01-prd-ipmptest02 ->   UDP D=45566 S=54548 LEN=167

                ap01-qa-ipmptest02 ->   UDP D=45566 S=56314 LEN=164

                ap01-qa-ipmptest02 ->   UDP D=45566 S=56404 LEN=304

                ap03-prd-ipmptest02->   UDP D=45566 S=63371 LEN=344

                ap01-tst-ipmptest02->   UDP D=45566 S=32880 LEN=307

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                  Wcichy -Oracle

                  The key to solve this riddle is to realize what kind of traffic is that.


                  The and UDP destination port 45566 points to some kind of Cluster. It might be a truth that the Cluster software is directly bound to that IP address/Interface.


                  If the above is correct, it might be desired behavior.




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                    Wcichy -Oracle

                    You may also want to change interfaces do the active one as standby, and standby as active and re-check the behavior.