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    Extensibility Pack 3.10 is now available.


      EP 3.10 is now available.  This release contains the following items:

      1. Two New GSM Reports


           a)  Hierarchy Object Status Report

      The Hierarchy Object Status Report reveals a workflow status review of all specification types, GSM activities, and specification-related sourcing approvals associated to the specification’s hierarchy.


           b)  Approval / Audit Trail Report

      Audit Trail Report allow users to quickly review the entire history of a specification including workflow, signature documents, cross-reference associations and event table entries.


      2. Resolved Issues as follows

           a)  Custom Portal Resolved Issues – 19073129

           b)  Email Extensibility Resolved Issues – 18507669

           c)  Near Real-time Denormalization Issues – 18979003

           d)  Solution Pack Resolved Issues

                i)   LIO - 19055249

                ii)  Flexsync – 19128710

                e)  Spec Lineage Report Resolved Issues - 19298101

      3.Hotfixes EP 3.9.1 – 3.9.5

      Please read the Release Notes posted to the Oracle Technology Network (OTN),Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process Extensibility Pack v3.10 for more details.