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    ad-hoc data uploads and analysis


      hi, we just got OBIEE and I have a very general questions about ad-hoc data analysis as we are thinking about our strategy.


      We have a team of analysts (none-IT) who would like to use our main repository which is supported and designed by another team (IT).


      Some key goals for that none-IT team:


      1) upload their own data frequently as a lot of data they use is not in repository and not modeled properly. They also need to do that fast.

      2) mash up their uploaded data with the data in repository. Sometimes even make copies of existing metrics from repository and modify them to improve them but not changing the original ones until they are ready

      3) use the power of OBIEE query analysis but with their data joined to repository dimensions by some common dimensions


      IT concerns:

      1) they can break existing repository - can we have two repositories at once? or secured folders within one repo

      2) they should not be able to change IT approved metrics/dimensions

      3) they should be able to upload their data and do some basic work in repository but see 1) and 2)


      Sorry it is a long a question but is it even possible in OBIEE? My understanding only one repository can be used on a server and also they cannot simply "upload" files - they actually need to learn how to make changes in repo before they can start using their ad-hoc data.

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          Your understanding is Right ! So no any questions remain to answer...



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            Christian Berg

            "Upload data" is something that's currently limited to the latest releases of BIP and the upcoming cloud version of OBIEE. However, the could version will not allow mash-ups since what you upload is what you model. There is no "central, IT-managed RPD" in the on-premise install sense. This will evolve obviously as the versions progress.


            BIP uploads on the other hand provide - at the moment - to load your own data and the report on it. Downside: this covers XLS sources and you can't mash up data with OBIEE- / RPD-sourced information.And especially not access the metadata layer to hook up with an uploaded XLS.