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    FRM-40741Error while using set_custom_property



      The requirement is to display a multiple line text dynamically on mouse hover event in multi record block.
      To meet the above business requirement, we use the below code in loop as it is multi record block.
      set_item_property(<item name>,tooltip_text,<dynamic multi line text>);
      But the above implementation doesn’t work. We notice the last set text is getting populated for all item.


      Implemented Approach

      Hence, used the Pluggable Java Components (PJC) approach to implement the functionality i.e. setting tooltip text for an item in multi-record block

      Component Name - multirecord.jar (Third party JAR)


      1.- Copy multirecord.jar in $JAVA_TOP directory.
      2.- Modify file appsweb.cfg ($FORMS_WEB_CONFIG_FILE)
      3.- Bounce applications
      4.- Register forms PJCMULTIREC.fmb in apps.
      5.- Navigate to the form.

      Testing Result:
      In the multi record block, Tooltip is getting generated only for the ‘No Of Records Displayed’ mentioned in the block property.
      i.e. if we have set 10 as no. of records displayed, the Tooltip is available for only the first 10 records.

      Open Issue:
      In the multi record block, Tooltip is not getting generated and visible for all records (i.e. dynamically generated records).
      So, if we have set no. of records displayed to 10, tootltip works fine for the first 10 records. Then we encounter the following error 11th record onwards:
      Error ‘FRM-40741 Unable to locate record 11 on block <block name>’. (please find attached for the screen shot)

      Please help to resolve this issue.