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    Database Tables for workflow permissions and Tags




      We are working to report against workflow created in the system eg. workflow names/steps/transition/guard condition used.


      We could not find the relationship in database to get the following details


      1. How to get the workflow tag assigned to each workflow step? which table stores this relationship?

      2. how the Permissions and workflow permission sets are stored in the database?which table stores this data?



      Please let us know so that we could complete this report?



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          Guillermo Palomino

          Hello Maniraju,


          These are very interesting questions.

          I do not know the answer to the second question yet but here is the information for the Workflow tags (question 1).



          --Joins the WorkflowActivityTemplatePKID to tags(fkExtendedBehaviors)



          * from GSMWFExtendedBehaviorJoin


          --The Activity Template is the stage within the Workflow(ProcessTemplate)


          --This table shows the Activity Template and its associated Process Template




          * from gsmWorkflowActivityTemplates


          Hope this helps!


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            Ron M-Oracle

            Here is an example script to determine if a Spec is in a workflow status with a given workflow tags (using the behaviorID of the workflow tag - eg, 4 for IsApproved)


                         SELECT *

                         FROM specSummary ss

                            INNER JOIN gsmWorkflowActivityTemplates act on act.fkProcessTemplate = ss.fkProcessTemplate and act.fkworkflowstatus = ss.SpecStatusID

                            INNER JOIN GSMWFExtendedBehaviorJoin behaviorJoin on act.pkid = behaviorJoin.fkGSMWorkflowActivityTemplate

                            INNER JOIN comLWFExtendedBehaviorTemplate behavior on behaviorJoin.fkExtendedBehavior = behavior.pkid 


                            ss.SpecID='<SpecPKID>' AND behavior.BehaviorID in (4, 1200)

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              Thanks RON and Guillermo. SQL for getting workflow tags worked.


              However business is more intrested in what permissions sets are given to the workflow. Basically they want to know read/write access for the workflow


              Please let me know if you can help me on this



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                The Access Report in the Report Pack provides this information based on a specific specification, those data models and views may help.