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    WebADI 12.1.3 runtime error 9 subscript out of range



      When I click on Upload in WebADI template, I am getting Run-time error '9' subscript out of range in sub runCallback shown below routine on line Application.Run

      Application.Run command trying call Sub BneUploadBegin.

      Sub BneUploadBegin does exist in sheet1.


      Private Sub runCallback(strCallBack As String)

      Dim strSubName As String

      strSubName = getEventCallBack(strCallBack)

      If Len(strSubName) > 0 Then

      removeEventCallBack strCallBack

      Application.Run strSubName, m_Document

      End If

      End Sub


      Integrator is based on table.

      Usinf MS-Office 2010

      EBS 12.1.3

      I tried it on 2 laptops and got same error.

      Please help. Any hint will be highly appreciated.