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    Asynchronous BPEL testing




      Will be great if someone throws light on the following queries,


      1) In our project we make use of SOAP-UI mock responses for Asynchronous processes in automatic testing. But we are looking for the way to get the Asynchronous response returned by the BPEL process in the Callback proxy when invoked via OSB by using SOAP UI or without SOAP UI. I saw some sites suggested use ws-addressing, but it is not helping.

      Here is the scenario: We want a soap-ui triggered call which passes through the OSB layer(async call) and get back the response from async bpel without mock service. Issue is callback does not get through with the reply-to address field.

      2) We are also looking for an alternate way to directly invoke the BPEL unit tests cases SOAP-UI.


      Any help, much appreciated.


      Regards Sarath