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    BUG: Report Refresh opens a new cursor for every child query


      It appears that a parent report refreshing also refreshes one of the child reports in my case its the first one in the list and for every refresh of the parent a new cursor is created for the child until you hit max open cursors.


      Have a report that shows active sessions. If I set that to refresh every 5 seconds.


      SID 4876 is my report refreshing.



      Select from open cursors.


      SYSDATE                     SID SQL_ID          COUNT(*)

      -------------------- ---------- ------------- ----------

      Aug 01 2014 09:11:17       4876 0hm6ba4rbdbxp        272

      Aug 01 2014 09:11:19       4876 0hm6ba4rbdbxp        273

      Aug 01 2014 09:11:23       4876 0hm6ba4rbdbxp        274

      The open cursor is for the query shown in the first child report tab which in this case is a select from v$session_longops.


      Looks like this was reported back in 2007 as well Child Report Cursors Are Not Being Closed


      I will try to reproduce this on the latest version of SQL Developer. The version of Oracle for this is I will also try on version 11.2 which is the latest I have available.


      Some Additional detals.


      Happens on both latest SQL developer (  and of Oracle as well.

      also can change the query in the child report to something as simple as select sysdate from dual and the same thing happens.


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