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    Recommendation for course/study guides  focusing on administration using command line and not GUI


      Hi everyone,
      I am Senior MS SQL DBA and intermidiate with IBM DB2 DB

      recently  joined  company that run Oracle ,MS SQL ,Sybase
      Company encourage DBA(s) do cross training in different database technolgies

      I would need to provide basic support for ORACLE 11 on linux
      by basic I mean managing users, extending tablespaces,backup ,restore.
      (company does not expect us to do installation and server fine tunning)


      I installed oracle 11g on Oracle Linix server in my Windows 8 Hyper-V
      1.Read- tried examples in "Oracle 2Days DBA"
      2 going chapter by chapter with  "Darl Kuhn - Pro Oracle Database 11g Administration"


      I know for sure that in new future I will not use Oracle Enterprise manager GUI and all the support will be done using command line

      My concern
      "Oracle 2Days DBA"  good start but it focus on GUI
      Darl Kuhn - "Pro Oracle Database"  not the best source/tutorial for me


      Can you please suggest online/offline courses  or study guide that mainly focus on oracle - linix command line administration  and full of partical

      exersises covering basic adminstation task

      I  know that I can always google for particular task,examples, but goal is to find training/course/study guide that
          helps to speed up learning process

      Thank you