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    Host name change when Running Strut Application


      I have OAS 10g (10.1.2) Installed. I'm using WebCache on port 80 and HTTP on port 7778. OAS was installed with a local name: oraserver, so I can type http://oraserver and get response from Web Cache without problem (when accessed in the localhost).

      Afther that, I configured our DNS to map our public IP to a canonical name so I can access our server using other name:
      http://www.myserver.org/. Until here, everything works fine. I mean, simple jsp pages works fine.

      The problem arises when I try to access our application (struts based). When I access our login page (jsp), it works fine, but this page redirect to an Action (struts based) wich in turn also redirect to another JSP page (this one is mapped within our struts-config file). When this happen, the server response with the internal server name (oraserver). This name is not mapped in the DNS, so the server can't be found (this happen when I try to access the server from a remote place).

      I don't know if I need to do changes in the HTTP config file. Actually the responsed name (oraserver) comes from httpd.conf entry:

      ServerName oraserver

      Why the server changes the public name www.myserver.org to the internal server name oraserver? is that a normal behavior?

      Thanks in advance for the help!