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    can r12 be install on solaris 11


      dear all,

      we are having Solaris 10 on M4000 series with r12.1.3 installation. Now I want to buy sun T series  server with solaris 11.

      can we clone solaris 10 application r12.1.3 on solaris 11.




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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle

          What do you mean by r12.1.3 ? Which software is it ? Is this the Oracle Database version that you use in standalone mode, or is it a db that is bundled with a specific application ?

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            Lars Tunkrans



               You can  move  the Physical  solaris 10  installation in the M4000  into  a  Virtual  Oracle VM for  SPARC  I/O  root-domain, running Solaris 10 ,   in a  Fujitsu M10  server or an  Oracle T5  server

              without  having to  reconfigure you  application environment.


              Even though its  theoretically possible  to move  an application  from Solaris 10  to Solaris 11 without  reinstalling  the thing, providing the Application vendor supports it,   You probably do not want to !

            You dont want to because:

               The application should most probably be relinked with new libraries  in Solaris 11 /  Studio 12

                ZFS file system layout vs  UFS  filesystems  

                New networking scheme  ( including vNIC's )    in Solaris 11 might require  application reconfiguration.


              If this is  Oracle DB 12c   you are moving....

              I would  install  ORA DB 12c  fresh on  new  server  with Solaris11  and then  either  take  a short  service break  to move the database filesystems to the new server  or if

            a service interuption is not  possible  ( ie a 24/7 system )    use  the Golden Gate product  to replicate  the database  to the new server.