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    Inability to use Web Determinations


      Hi there.


      We're having a problem using OWD for one of our rulebases.


      The original rulebase (rulebase 1) was quite large. Large enough that there was a noticeable difference in loading times compared to our other rulebases.


      Rulebase 1 has now been turned into a module (due to business requirements - we can't change any part of Rulebase 1) and is being used in Rulebase 2.

      Rulebase 2 is working, but I can only debug without screens.


      When I try to debug with screens, it tries, but then gives up the ghost after a while - showing this error:



      The embedded web server output is:




      I initially thought it was a bug with the rulebase – so spent a few days trying to deconstruct it to locate the problem (to no avail).




      As different rule authors sometimes have different problems with OPA, the Senior Author suggested we try it with the other people in the team:


      - Most of the other authors were unable to view it (the same as myself).


      - One author could view it without any problems – it worked for her.


      - The senior author could initially view it (though it took a very long time to load), but then it stopped working for him in later attempts.




      I did a test release to one of our servers and the OWD screens are viewable there without any problems.


      Our IT consultant has taken a look, and from the error message above, it would appear that it is having trouble creating a filepath

      (but every other rulebase is working, and even this rulebase is working with other people)


      Do you have any ideas about what I could do to resolve the issue?


      Could it be an issue with the amount of available RAM? Or maybe we can manually lengthen the time-out period?

      Is it definitely the size of the rulebase that’s causing the problem, or is it actually something else?




      Has someone else had to deal with something like this before?


      Any help you can give would be very much appreciated,



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          Brad Tuckett   ----Oracle

          Hi Monique,


          This sounds very similar to another thread post several weeks ago (amusingly titled "Embedded Web Determinations spewing FileNotFoundExceptions like a teen binge drinker on emetics").  The issue is that the embedded Apache Tomcat server is writing to the C:\Program Files directory, which is usually a protected location.  This would not be a problem on a server which usually installs Tomcat in a different location.  We are not sure why this happens on some user's machines, however it could be related to your security policy.




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            Thanks Brad


            That's the direction we'll look in then, hopefully it's an easy fix. 



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              We've had a closer look into the problem mentioned above and it's not looking as simple as we'd hoped.



              The issue, though currently ill-defined, could definitely be due to a problem with permissions where the rulebase

              is attempting to write to the (restricted) C: Drive for the embedded Tomcat server (as the error message would appear to indicate).



              This theory doesn't quite line up with the other information we have, however, as:


              - All of the virtual desktops in the organisation are standard built

              - All standard users have the same permissions

              - All other rulebases are still working on my virtual desktop

              - This particular rulebase works correctly on a different author’s virtual desktop


              Our IT consultant has checked the Java memory allocation and advised that it looked fine. He theorised that it could be do with the space in the working area for the rulebase – and is currently trying to ascertain where that working area is.


              Do you have any other ideas as to possible solutions?


              Thanks in advance,