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    Job Opening Approval Javascript Error


      We are getting a javascript error on the job opening page when we click on the "Approval" tab.  The error is "invalid argument" when the code attempts to set the document.domain = <<our domain>>.  I have dug through the code looking for where this javascript is generated and cannot find it.  What's interesting is that the job opening does not throw this error when first opened.  It only occurs when clicking on the approvals tab.  This issue is preventing some additional processing from occuring when we attempt to add an additonal approver.  We receive a "permission denied" javascript error when attempting to add approvers and cannot do anything.


      One thing that I think may be occuring is that our url has a ":6100" appended to it.  The doman in the javascript does not have this ":6100".  I am wondering how to change the javascript to have this ":6100".


      This is in PS 9.1.  Tools 8.52.


      Thanks in advance for any insights or help.