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    How to start a BPMN process programmatically and then arrive at the "Initiator" or the 1st task page


      Using BPM Workspace, a user who has the right to initiate a process can start the process by clicking on an application name in the "Applications" tab. At this point, the BPM Workspace will immediately render the "Initiator" task details page.


      At the moment, I need to integrate BPM Workspace into my ADF application using the embedded Tasklist Task Flow. The problem is that the left panel of the BPM Workspace does not fit well into my application UI. As a consequence, I had to remove it from the Tasklist display and thus, users no longer have access to the "Applications" tab. I tried to start the process programmatically using a "Message Start" event but I couldn't figure out a way to trigger rendering the "Initiator" or the 1st task details page.


      I'd be very grateful if someone could give me a hint on how to implement the behavior of BPM Workspace.