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    P6 EPPM components and license requirements


      Hi all,

      I have been assigned from my company to select and buy the appropriate EPPM solution to manage our company projects and programs, and to find the best solution for resources and management  collaboration.

      I know that P6 EPPM is the best in market in project and portfolio management, but I need some help to decide, because I am bit confused.

      1) I would ask about Progress reporter and P6 team member, if they require additional cost, or they are included in P6 EPPM package?

      2) If the project team member or resource who will use Progress Reporter or P6 Team Member needs additional licence? Or if he has user account (license) to the P6  EPPM, so he does need separate license for Progress Reporter and P6 Team Member? because my company has projects with approximately 500 resources, shall the 500 resources have user license ?

      3)What are the core components I will get when I buy standard P6 EPPM.? and what are the optional components I could buy with EPPM?.

      5) If P6 Analytics, Business Intelligence, work flow and content repository document are optional or core components of P6 EPPM?

      Sorry for the long question, but really I am confused and need to know exactly what I will get when buy P6 EPPM to provide my recommendations to my company.

      Thank you very much for your help.

      Abdullah Salah