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    Set value to shuttle right-hand side

    Jiri N.

      Hello experts,


      hope you will help me whit my problem.


      Problem description:


      I have a shuttle item where left-hand side values are fetched from LOV, where some cascading LOV items are in use. Right-hand side is filled out by select from DB table. It works correctly until the cascading LOV item is changed and shuttle item is refreshed. Then only left-hand side of shuttle is refreshed and right-hand side is empty.


      I have already tried many ways how to refresh also the right side, but still cannot achieve it. Right now I have page item where the values in format "A:1;B:2" for the right side of the shuttle item are stored after the refresh. Now I would like to simply assign it to the right-hand side of the shuttle item.


      Can anyone help me?


      DB: Oracle 11g

      Apex: 4.2


      Thanks in advance!