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    Data Matrix - AFP

    Daniel L



      We do all of our batch printing in AFP.  We received AFP versions of all the AGFA fonts at some point.  We're looking to begin using the 2D Data Matrix barcode on some of our batch documents soon and I noticed we don't have an AFP version.  Is there one available from Oracle as part of Documaker Studio?  Or is this something we need to purchase on our own?


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Mr Peabody-Oracle

          There may be AFP versions available on the installs as an option. Or they may be downloadable from an Oracle Support site. But if not, you can at least create them yourself.


          To create your own version of an AFP font, simple bring up the Font Manager and load your FXR. Choose Convert. Set the input as True Type font and pick the data matrix name, which is something like dm_____.ttf. Next set the output type as AFP and choose whether you prefer 300 or 240 DPI. Fill in any of the other properties that make sense and eventually it will generate the AFP font.


          I believe the generation may automatically update the FXR with the new name, but if not, you will want to update the FXR to have your new AFP font names. That's why it is called font cross reference (FXR) file. Save the FXR changes.


          You will have to do this for each sizes of the font that you desire to use because Documaker supports bitmap fonts for AFP. Once you have your AFP font files, you would install for your printer's use and voila!

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            Daniel L

            Thank you for the suggestion - we'll give it a try!

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              Ken Waters

              Is there a coded font page for use on an IBM mainframe that can be created to accompany the newly created DM AFP fonts?

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                Yes, the AFPCF utility can create AFP coded font files.

                You can find the following information in the Utilities Reference at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E51711_01/UI/index.html


                Use the AFPCF utility to create coded font files for AFP printers.

                Program names

                • Windows: AFPCFW32.EXE


                AFPCFW32 /C /T /X





                The AFP character set file name.


                The AFP code page file name.


                The AFP codefont file to create (.FNT).


                You would enter:

                AFPCFW32 /c=C0FATIN0 /t=T1DOC037 /x=X0DATIN0

                In this example, AFPCF creates an AFP coded font file called X0DATIN0.FNT.

                To print using this coded font, all of these files must be resident on the printer. On z/OS, it should be placed in a PDS which is available to the PSF procedure. On a Novell print server, it is must be installed into the coded font group within PSF2.

                To use this coded font for printing with Documaker Server, enter the name of the coded font file (without the FNT extension) into the Coded Font File field under AFP Properties on the Font Properties tab in Studio’s Font manager.


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                  Ken Waters

                  Thanks for the reply! This appears very close! I actually used studio to create the Coded Font File and Character Set File. I was told I also need the Code Page file though and this is what I dont seem to have. We only have 1 Code Page File on our Z/OS mainframe... would creating the new AFP font with the name of that page file suffice?  Otherwise i am thinking i need to obtain an actual code page file associated to the data matrix font.

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                    You will need a Code Page filename in order to create the Coded Font File. The Coded Font File includes a record that specifies the Character Set and Code Page files to use for the font. If you specified the W1, 1004 code page when you created the AFP Character Set file, then you would use either T1DOC037 or T1DM1252 as the name of the Code Page. You should have one of these Code Page files as they were included with the Oracle Documaker fonts. If necessary, you can download the Oracle Documaker fonts from the edelivery.oracle.com web site.

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                      Ken Waters

                      Much appreciated! I see the T1DOC037 code page so I will specify that during font conversion.

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                        Ken Waters

                        Thank you much! We have AFP Data Matrix printing successfully :-)