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    Good document or link on how to Upgrade Oracle 10gR2 RAC to 11g R2 RAC On HPUX 11.31i


      Hello All,


      Am looking out for a good document/link which lists all step by step how to upgrade Oracle 10gR2 RAC to 11g R2 RAC On HPUX 11.31i.


      Operating System – HP-Unix 11.31i

      Source Oracle Database Version –  (Oracle 10g Release  upgraded with Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Patchset 4)

      Target Oracle Database Version – 


      ASM used in Source environment. The OS and Server remain same throughout the Upgrade.


      Should I use a swing gear - additional server to host the DB on when upgrade is on


      Take database/OCR/Voting Disks Backups and then directly upgrade the Oracle Clusterware to Grid-Infrastructure including both Oracle and Grid homes in "rolling upgrade" approach?



      I think the second approach is much better as that will minimize the downtime needed.


      A detailed link to a detailed "step by step" document will be highly appreciated.


      Many Thanks,