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    Oracle Database/ listener configuration/ Server and client installation

    Hani Draidi

            Hello all,

      I am new to Oracle database, and have little background in creating databases in Microsoft SQL Server. I want to create a database on a server machine, and access it from the server and client machines to use it in another software (ArcMap).

      Here is what I do with MS SQL Server:

      • Install SQL Server on both the production and client machine (same installation on both).
      • Create the database on the server.
      • In ArcMap on the client machine I connect to the database.

      I am confused with the installation of Oracle Database since there is two types: Oracle Server, and Client and I don’t know where to install each one:

      I installed the server (only) on the production machine but I can’t access it from the server machine itself, when I connect to the database in ArcMap an error that says: “Cannot connect to database because the database client failed to load”! then I installed the client and the same problem appeared!

      I installed the client on the client machine, but it also did not work.

      I am also confused with the configuration of the database itself, there is a component called listener which I don’t know what it means, what its function, how to configure it, and where should I configure it (on the server or the client ).


      Any help is appreciated