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    10G R2 db clone to other server


      I have found this nice little article of how to clone/copy a database and move it to another server




      However before I do this I want to make sure I am not in breach of my current licensing - I am running EE


      Do I need any additional packs like the configuration management pack?


      kind regards

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          Doesn't appear to be anything in there that would require an extra license, it's simply the old manual steps.


          However, the post itself is seriously in breach of the rule against posting MOS notes in public.  You should probably remove your link to it and encourage every one you know not to support such ethical breaches.

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            Thanks jgarry


            I am pretty new to this field , I have removed the link and instead referenced to it (i hope this is the correct thing to do)

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              Sure! Anyone with a support contract could then go see it.  In fact, you could link to the actual note, then people with proper access could see it, and everyone else can be told to buy support.  The actual url to link to seems to be changing over time, so it might take a couple of tries to get it right.


              How to properly paraphrase is an exercise left to the student.  Oracle Community – General FAQ could probably be clearer on what is acceptable for MOS docs.

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                How do you actually determine what license (if needed) you need for activities you perform?


                The last thing i want to do is breach the license terms.

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                  That can get so complicated there are companies dedicated to doing it for you.


                  For simple systems, it really isn't that hard, the docs have pretty charts: Oracle Database Editions


                  But you do have to be careful, there are gotchas like: dbca pre-created databases have extra options installed that you need to remove; some features are used internally but you have to pay to use them yourself; simply accessing certain tables is considered feature usage; there is a feature usage table which may or may not be accurate; there is a feature where your database details are silently uploaded to Oracle support; even if you unlink undesired features they may come back with patching, and so forth.  There are horror stories floating about regarding database audits.  I wish I could say Oracle wouldn't do anything bad if you put in an effort to keep to the terms, but Oracle doesn't seem to think that is a valuable marketing tool.


                  Theoretically, your salesperson should be able to help, but I've had mixed experience with that personally.