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    Agile P4P in IE11


      Good afternoon


      Whilst aware that support will not be available until 6.2 we have been challenged to use Version in Internet Explorer 11. We are a fair way through the testing, and most things appear to work as we are using the enterprise mode to handle compatibility.

      We have however spotted one thing that I would like to put up for discussion, aware that there is little I can expect other than good will gestures.


      On Numerical fields where they are aligned to the right we are getting an unusual masking of the text, hiding the first 5 characters entered. When focus is moved away the numbers are there, so the application appears to be working fine, just not rendering the text box properly.

      On left aligned fields we have no issues.

      Examples of failures = Material spec design attributes, numerical Extended Attributes

      Examples of passes = Material Nutrition and Compliance (aligned left)


      We have tried turning of an IE10 feature called clear text which adds a X button into the text field but it doesn't make this masking go away.


      Could you please advise if there is anything different about the way you draw these fields in the GUI, anything that might give my technical team a trail to follow.



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          Sheng Qu-Oracle

          Hi, Alistair,


          This was a known bug. We could have a simple change in stylesheets to fix this problem.


          For version, open /css/CommonStyles.css with a text editor, go to line 851. You'll see a css declaration as below:


          Change these codes to:

          input, select, textarea { 
              height: 19px;
          select, textarea    { 
              overflow-y: visible;


          The idea is to remove overflow-y for input. This will temporarily resolve the issue in IE 11.


          BTW, IE 11 is NOT officially supported on the versions below

          We had a patch in which was for these compatibility issue fixes. So I would like to suggest to do an upgrade if possible.




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            I'm aware of the support restrictions so I appreciate your response even more. We will give this a go in our environment.