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    Oracle WMS Label Customization....




      I am trying to customize WMS LPN label. For this I wanted to utilize the hook provided by Oracle...

      INV_TXNSTUB_PUB.posttransaction(p_header_id IN NUMBER,

                                  p_transaction_id IN NUMBER,

                                  x_return_status OUT NOCOPY VARCHAR2)


      This package is giving us the value for p_transaction_id. But When I do the SELECT on mtl_material_transactions using this p_transaction_id in this hook....it is going to no_data_found exception.


      After transact move order is completed. If I query the record with above value, we could see the records in the mtl_material_transactions  table.


      Am I doing anything wrong....does the record gets inserted into mtl_material_transactions table when we call this stub NV_TXNSTUB_PUB.posttransaction


      Pls Suggest.