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    Dynamic action -> PL/SQL code to call application process?




           I am having an issue...

           Have to create a dynamic report, very specific, which means I have to manually draw it by using html... (templates won't work because of the characteristics of this report).

           Now, I am facing 2 problems...

                1- I am not being allowd to create a proc/pkg/table/etc (any object) in the referenced DB schema (nor other that can communicate with it).

                2- The amount of pl/sql code that would display the table correctly, does not fit the "execute PL/SQL code" section of a dynamic action. (I can, however, save all that coding into an application process).


           All I want is upon clickin on a button, execute my dynamic action to refresh the html region with the generated html that comes from this pl/sql code.


           So, is there a way to execute an application process through dynamic action, that wold save the information in the html ID "div" tag I need?

           Or is any other way to do this and to make it refresh?

           I have also already tried the creation of a region with anonymous pl/sql block, but dynamic action - refresh won't refresh a thing.

           I need help!

           Thanks in advance!