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    connection lost




      I want to knwo how to resolve the error ORA - 03135 - connection lost contact.

      Please help me. Does it requires any configuration setting in sqlnet.ora file ?



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          Not really a SQL or PL/SQL language question.


          Error in question:

          03135, 00000, "connection lost contact"
          // *Cause:  1) Server unexpectedly terminated or was forced to terminate.
          //          2) Server timed out the connection.
          // *Action: 1) Check if the server session was terminated.
          //          2) Check if the timeout parameters are set properly in sqlnet.ora


          Basically the client Oracle driver has an open TCP socket for its communication with the Oracle server process. It attempts to use the socket handle and the network operation fails as the server process has closed its side of the communication channel.


          There can be numerous reasons for this. From a firewall that timed out what it deems to be an idle connection, to someone resetting a port on a switch.

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            Ramin Hashimzadeh

            Maybe there is idle timeout configured by you network admin. For ex. when from your machine there is no any traffic to server in 5 min. connection is loosed....



            Ramin Hashimzade

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              Hi, Thanks


              I want to know about following setting in sqlnet.ora file ?

              Will these setting can resolve the issue ?





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                Simple answer. No.


                As you do not know what the problem is, twiddling with knobs and switches do not guarantee that the problem will be resolved. And betting that you are lucky this time around and it will fix the problem? Then you have chosen the wrong career. Software engineering is not about gambling.

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                  I have searched google, http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_ora_03135_connection_lost_contact.htm
                  In that link, it is mentioned about changing settings in sqlnet.ora file.

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                    Hahaha... I would not trust anything from that site.


                    Besides, irrespective of what that site says - you have NOT diagnosed the problem and thus have NO guarantees that playing with SQLNET settings will fix the problem.


                    In fact, it may make things worse, by hiding the root cause and creating other unexpected symptoms.

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                      Ramin Hashimzadeh

                      If the problem is what i said before, then offcource NO.




                      Ramin Hashimzade