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    Pass parameter to a parent page from the child window and retain the session values in the parent window



      I have two apex pages. I open a child page using javascript from the parent page.


      Parent window has following items .  P1_Text1, P1_text2, P1_text3 . The  setting is 'Change only when session state is Null', Static assignment.


      In the child window : I have two buttons 'Confirm'  and 'Close'.


      When I press Confirm button, It sets the value of a parent page item in a PL/SQL process.



      /* some calculations

      followed by one assignment statement */






      'Close' button in the child window. has following javascript associated with it :



      window.opener.location.href =window.opener.location.href;


      When I press close button, the parent window gets refreshed and P1_Text1 is loaded as per the requirement.  Everything is fine till here.

      But the issue is with other page items in the parent page. They become null.

      How to retain the values of page items of parent window ?