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    Reference to undefined variable Error




      I'm using iPlanet Web Server.


      When I access a web page. I get this error in the errors logs:


      failure (13515): for host trying to GET /, handle-processed reports: HTTP2298: Error interpolating parameters for send-error (Reference to undefined variable $docroot)


      My docroot is defined in obj.conf file:

      <Object name="default">

      Error fn=send-error code=500 path=$docroot/common/error/404.html

      NameTrans fn="document-root" root="/mypath/subdir/subdir"



      What's wrong? Please help. Thanks

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          Tracey Maycock-Oracle



          You need to define the 'docroot' variable in the server.xml file as per below:














          You can then use this variable in the correct obj.conf file.