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    SQL Developer cannot connect over VPN, only LAN


      Oracle SQL Developer is unable to connect to Oracle database over the Cisco VPN tunnel. Connection test displays "Status : Failure - Test failed: IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection." Trying to connect the message adds Vendor Code 17002


      Oracle server is running RAC and database SQL Developer can successfully connect if client is directly on the LAN.

      Other things tested on VPN:

      TELNET on port 1521 works

      TNSPING is successful

      Oracle SCAN FQDN is resolving propely  via ping and nslookup



      Connections used to work fine prior to Oracle RAC reinstall. After new fresh of RAC/Database installation, VPN connections started failing. The same configuration was used as in previous install.


      Server OS is Windows 2008 Enterprise R2.


      I've researched the issue extensively, I saw similar threads regarding VPN, but no solutions worked.