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    Waiting for "Dequeue" from "QueueName". Asynchronous callback.


      Hi guys,


      I am having a scenario with AQAdapter and queues,

      where BPEL1 enqueues a message into queue(Q1) and other BPEL2 process dequeue it(Q1) and process it and en-queues a message in Q2. Now the BPEL1 dequeues the message from Q2.  BPEL2 is dequeing the message Q1 and en-queuing into Q2, But my BPEL1 is not able to dequeue the message. It still shows Running, when went to aduit trail i am getting this message at my second receive


        "Waiting for "Dequeue" from "QueueName". Asynchronous callback."


      Can any one help with this one?