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    Postgresql Connection Issue - v4.0.2.15


      Hi all,


      I think the Connection Manager have a bug when we use a postgresql database.


      It 's impossible to choose a database. when the user is not the postgres user and if they don't have a database with the name of the user.




      It's impossible to browse database if we don't have a database with the name of the username. !!!!,


      I found two workarounds.


      1 - GUI

      a - Do a connection with user postgres

      b - save the connection after choice a database.

      c - modify the username and password 


      2 - Edit the xml file


      a - export xml connection description file

      b - modify the customUrl

                <StringRefAddr addrType="customUrl">



      c - Import the the new definition.


      If someone have other solution , i shall happy to test it.


      How modify the default database. like replace userame by postgres ?