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    Resuming RMAN backups on database in archivelog mode


      New to Oracle and recently inherited an Oracle database server that is in archivelog mode but has not had a full backup since the middle of May when the last DBA quit. I checked the archivelog folder and there is almost 500 archivelog files (approx. 18gb). I of course need to start backing up and planned on running the script below to clear out the logs.


      Anyone know if there would be any issues with backing up the database and a large amount of archivelogs?




      run {
      crosscheck backup;
      crosscheck archivelog all;
      delete noprompt expired achivelog;
      delete noprompt expired backup;
      backup database as compressed backupset format 'H:\RMANBACKUP\RMAN%d_DB_%u_%s_%p.bkp';
      BACKUP archivelog all format 'E:\RMAN_FULL_BKP\RMAN\%d_DB_%u_%s_%p' delete input;