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    OSB how to send mail to multiple recipients through business service




      how to send mail to multiple recipients through OSB ?


      i have verified from oracle developing guide for multiple recipient it's mentioned below content

      Oracle Document:

      "Enter an e-mail recipient in the format: mailto:username@hostname

      You can specify multiple e-mail recipients by entering the user names and hostnames in a comma-separated list. For example, mailto:username@hostname


      Tested Expressions:



      1. mailto:user@domain.com[,mailto:user1@domain.com]


      2. [mailto:user@domain.com,mailto:user1@domain.com]


      3. [,mailto:user@domain.com][,user1@domain.com]




        but all are error out but if mentioned single recipient it's working but i need to sent multiple recipient.Could you please provide to me how can i mention the expression in transport section.




      Anil Kumar