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    Essbase Network Error




      We have always getting this erorr while the data load happens in the ASO application/database.  It happens for every day for every time the data load happens however the load never fails and it completes successfully.


      MAXL> alter database 'App'.'DB' clear data in region ' {(([.....................]))}';


         ERROR - 1042013 - Network error [10054]: Cannot Receive Data.

         ERROR - 1042012 - Network error [10054]: Cannot Send Data.


      We have set the below network setting commands in Essbase.cfg file; Can you advise whether these settings are recommeded ones please.


      ; Network Settings


      NETDELAY 5000











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          I'm confused; you're talking about a data load, but that operation is a 'clear'.  The clear before a data load, perhaps?


          It's not really a network error and those network settings won't help, your Essbase application is crashing (it's a very misleading error message - 99.9% of the time it has nothing to do with network).


          What's in the ...... part of the MaxL clear?  I've found that some functions that work in an MDX query will cause the application to crash if used in a clear statement.

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            Vikram Belathur



            Like Tim mentioned indeed tricky. Found a document similar to your issue.Can you please have a look at this document in Oracle Support -  Doc ID 1478085.1


            Hope it helps,


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              Vikram Belathur

              So it makes sense only if you are on Hyperion Essbase - Version to [Release 11.1]

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                The load never fails , but its not clearing the data.So whatever data you have loaded may be wrong and would be a huge risk on using that for reporting. Have you checked if your db was corrupted ? From when are you getting this error ?If possible try restoring the .dat file to a day from where you were not getting this error.

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                  Kill the Essbase processes ESSSVR in the server .Reduce the following setting in the essbase.cfg file and restart the essbase server

                  NETBINDRETRYDELAY 10
                  NetDelay 3000
                  NetRetryCount 3000

                  After restarting the server,run the maxl script for the clear the data and check the logs


                  a. if there are any xcp files Getting generated on the application or database.if so open the xcp files and go through them. probably it won't indicate much of evidence, but it could mean that there is an application crashed while trying to do a Maxl operation



                  Sreekumar Hariharan




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                    Apologies for the delay in responding to you , Tim. I was on leave ( unexpected one) so could not respond at the earliest.


                    The above Maxl Statement is written to clear for particular combination only ( Post Lev 0 export step ). However the batch job never fails at this step and it continues with the remaining statements. Not sure whether this maxl command working when such error comes? Will it clears or not? Not sure?


                    You mean to say by tuning the network settings in CFG file  does not fix this issue? And for your information, the application never crashed during this job process and not seen any xcp files created when this error created.


                    @SreekumarHariharan: Do you think the Network settings really causing this issue? Please clarify.




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                      Hello UB,


                      Try executing the same command from the server itself rather running from client.Also I hope you will be clearing the aggregate before firing the clear data maxl.

                      Can you check the application folder whether any core dump file created. The folder will have name like ESSSVR.Sun_Aug_10_18_36_23_2014.