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    Copying one scenario to another

    Kim L.

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to copy the budget to the forecast scenario:



      Dim vScenario
      Dim vValue
      Dim vPeriod
      Dim vPeriodNum
      Dim vYear
      Dim vEntity
      Dim vScenarioUD1

      vScenario = HS.Scenario.Member()
      vValue = HS.Value.Member()
      vPeriod = HS.Period.Member()
      vPeriodNum = HS.Period.Number()
      vYear = HS.Year.Member()
      vEntity = HS.Entity.Member()
      vScenarioUD1 = HS.Scenario.UD1("")

      Dim val
      Dim strAccount
      Dim lngValid
      Dim aCustom4, StrCustom4


      'Copy Actuals and Budget into Forecast Scenario


      If vScenario = "Forecast_1" Then
        If HS.Value.Member() = "<Entity Currency>" Then
         HS.Exp "S#" & vScenario & ".W#Periodic = S#Budget.W#Periodic"
        End If
      End If



      This rule is not working, there is no data in the forecast scenario but I have data on the budget scenario.


      Does anyone have any idea that could help?


      Thank you in advance,