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    Installation of agent12c hangs


      We have a problem with Installation of agent12c on one of the servers HP-UX.

      Installation hangs on stage of getting free port:


      INFO: 8/4/14 10:15:57 AM EEST: Calling Query generalPortQueries2. getFreePort

      lowerPortNumber = 6100

      upperPortNumber = 6198

      currentOracleHome = /ora2/oracle/product/agent12c/core/

      portName = Oracle Notification Server Local port

      oracleHomes = /ora1/,/ora2/oracle/product/11.2.0/db4,/ora2/oracle/product/,/ora2/oracle/product/agent12c/core/

      configurationPath = /ora2/oracle/product/agent12c/core/

      attributeName = local

      UDPFlag = null


      Before this we installed more then 20 agents by the same method - everything was good.

      We checked for firewall - it's down/off.

      We also checked neccessary ports - they are availiable from both sides (from oms and from server itself)

      then we start up echo-server on port 6101 (from range lowerPortNumber = 6100  upperPortNumber = 6198) and test if its availiable - yes it is.


      Can someone help me please to find out what can be wrong ?