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    Using LCM




      Can anyone please guide me how I can import and export web forms and other artifacts using LCM I do not have access to the planning server but want to keep backup of the artifacts if required to create new application in future.

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          Vikram Belathur



          From your workspace Navigate->Administer->Shared Services Console->Application Groups. Choose the application you want to export.


          But all these go and sit under <<Middleware Home>>\user_projects\epmsystem1\import_export folder unless you have configured it in separate place apart from the server, atleast in so question is how would you get it from the server.



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            I just migrated a number of HP apps from one environment to another and used the following steps to backup the complete set of artifacts:


            Step 1: Open Shared Services



            Step 2: Identify Artifacts required to restore an HP App


            You will find all HP app artifacts under the Foundation and HyperionPlanning folders within Shared Services ->Application Managment -> Application Groups. For this example I will be migrating all artifacts(shown in red boxes) for app AM001.  The is no particular order you need to back these up.


            Step 3: Backing up  EPM Architect artifacts



            You only need the the ticked artifacts under Application Metadata->Planning Application->APPNAME(AM001)

            Step 4: Backing up HyperionPlanning artifacts


            Again only require the artifacts which have a tick next to them.


            Step 5: Backing up Calculation Manager artifacts



            Step 6: Backing up Shared Services artifacts



            And the shared services artifacts.  I'm presuming that you will be pressing the Export button in the bottom right hand corner each time you select a particular set of artifacts and given them appropriate unique names for easy identification.  Done. You have all artifacts required(except the Essbase data) to restore a HP app in any similar environment.


            You can find all exported artifacts under:




            Let me know if this helped and I can show you how to import them back into a environment aswell.





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              Thanks M0hsin...its really very helpful.