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    Extracting Data from HFM using Informatica


      Hi Experts,


      Can we extract data from HFM using Infirmatica?

      If yes how do we do it? I have heard that we need an adaptor to connect the two, is that correct?

      What is the adaptor called?

      How much would be the cost to purchase the adaptor?

      Currecnt version of HFM is


      Any inputs are highly appreciated..

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          Francisco Amores



          with Data Integration Management (DIM), which was integrated with Informatica, you could extract data from HFM.

          In any case we are talking about something obsolete. I don't think DIM is supported anymore although you could double check with Oracle Support.


          Which is the purpose of extracting HFM data? loading to other EPM application?


          You can use Oracle Data Integrator instead. It has a bundled version of ODI. You can extract data from HFM if your intention is to load back to other EPM application.

          If not, you would need full ODI license.

          However, Oracle is still deciding about releasing HFM/Planning connectors for ODI 12C. They are available for ODI 11g which supports HFM 11.1.2.x


          I hope that clarifies.

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            DIM is still supported but it is in sustaining support now I believe (see note 1267051.1). If you don't already have a license for DIM then you wouldn't be able to get one at this late stage I don't think. Like Francisco says ODI 11g does have adapters for HFM but the future of HFM and Planning adapters for ODI 12C is still awaiting a definitive response.