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    Oracle B2B 11g  PIDX and RNIF 2.0 with headers and attachments



         I started working on a b2b project recently that involves generating invoices using PIDX format, the final message to be delivered using RNIF 2.0 and will contain headers, payload and attachments.

         The use case as follow: The invoice will be generated by a legacy system, I will translate the invoice (in SOA) to PIDX format and hand it over to Oracle B2B to deliver to a remote trading partner. I need to attach the headers and pdf attachments at somepoint before I post the result to a remote partner URL.

      I am new to RosettaNet, I downloaded the Rosettanet example from java.net and its working well. However, I could not find documentation that explains how can I compile the PIDX document with headers and attachment and send it using RNIF.

      Please help.

      Thank You.