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    Automated testing of HUB/Adapters

      Is there any documentation or has anyone done any work on controlling the adapter SDK to make synthetic and integration tests through Java/JUnit?
      I have had a closer look at the adapter SDK, and found that it could be a nice starting point for making three kinds of tests:

      Adapter internal business logic test
      - 100% synthetic. Surrounding environment is mocked up.

      Adapter vs Core system test
      - Connection to the hub (adapter) is mocked.
      - Tests communication between the Bridge and the Core system
      - Can also test the interface from the Core System to the Bridge

      Adapter - Hub - Adapter test
      - The hub is tested as a black box
      - Adapters can be set up and orchestrated to test workflows where a singel event triggers communication with several adapters.

      Is this of interest to anyone?
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          I've build a mock Agent class (And mock MessageObject) to Junit test our custom Adapter.

          It works great, but i'm still having some problems to determine how my mock agent should behave when I send a message back to the OIC hub (vai the agent). My Mock class accepts it, but the real world (in a complete development environment) one complains about 'no, is not async' So i still have to figure out how to reply correctly on a request in a custom adapter. I will post a seperate question on this one..