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    Crawler log shows zero documents indexed



         I have deployed Search Definition EP_PV_MASTERITEMS_SD from PeopleSoft.

         Then I built a full index for it using App Engine PTSF_GENFEED which finished successfully. However, upon further investigation I noticed the message log shows zero segments:

      Generating feed for Search Definition EP_PV_MASTERITEM_SD , for language code ENG scheduled with re-crawl mode Y

      Successfully generated 0 data feed segments

      SES crawler launched to crawl while we continue generating feed data

      Connected query PV_SRCH_MST_ITEM_N_CQRY processed 0 rows generating 0 documents

      Successfully generated total 0 segments for language ENG

      Successfully generated feed for Search definition EP_PV_MASTERITEM_SD

      And when I search using Global Search nothing comes back.

      Any ideas as to how to figure out why no documents are being indexed so my search resultset is empty?