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    Custom transform fails

      I'm creating a custom transformation by implementing oracle.oai.agent.server.transform.Transformable and reading in the .tdf file in IStudio. The contents of the .tdf file is:

      description=Concats two strings, but leaves out space if second string is empty
      number types=1
      param0 name=Delimiter
      param0 option=.

      my implementation is (I've only included the important part:

      package mypackage;

      import ...

      public class ConcatStringsAdvanced implements Transformable
      public Vector transform (Vector objects,
      Vector params,
      MessageObject sourceMessageObject,
      MessageObject destinationMessageObject) {
      //implementation is here

      I've included the jar file containing my implementation in the classpath of the adapter. When I try to run it, the adapter throws a ClassNotFoundException. If I do not include a package name in the tdf file and change the implementation and jar-file accordingly, it works perfectly. Any suggestions as to what the error can be.