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    Oracle Discoverer query created using Cross Tab Layout the output gets imported in a Non Pivoted format




      We are using Oracle discoverer 10g with Oracle Applications 11i.(


      User is using Oracle discoverer 10g viewer and whenever he tries to export the ouput from discoverer plus, output is not proper. Example as follows.


      Output is showing in below manner after exporting to excel.


      Lease Num     Lease State     Purpose

      123                    active               rent

                                                   Car parking

                                                   ATM Area

      124                    active               rent



      User is expectation is  as follows.

      Lease Num   Lease state          purpose

      123                active                   rent
      123                active                 car parking

      123                active                  ATM area

      124                active                    rent


      User is getting the output as above in 4i but not 10g......


      Kindly sugget what changed i need to do to achive above output.