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    X_RETURN_STATUS = 'E' from oracle applications adapter while creating sale order from purchase order


      I am  using J Developer

      I am using Oracle Applications Adapter to Generate Sale Order from Purchase Order. I am configuring Oracle Applications Adapter to use oe_order_pub.Process_Order Api. When i run the composite i got X_RETURN_STATUS = 'U'. I searched over the internet and found out that this is an UNEXPECTED ERROR BY THE APPS and that i need to initialize the apps i.e configuring user_id,responsibility_id and apps_id etc.

      Now for that purpose i use two more oracle applications adapter to use FND_GLOBAL.APPS_INITIZLIZE and MO_GLOBAL.INIT respectively. First i invoke FND_GLOBAL.APPS_INITIZLIZE and pass it user_id,responsibility_id and apps_id and Then i invoke MO_GLOBAL.INIT and pass it P_APPL_SHORT_NAME AND P_SYNC. By doing so now i don't get  X_RETURN_STATUS='U' instead i am getting X_RETURN_STATUS='E' with error message 'ONT OE_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE N ATTRIBUTE Order Type'

      Do anybody have any idea of what's going on???

      Here is my payload



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